Paris – Pere Lachaise & Paris Gardens

Today was a much better day than yesterday, I braved the streets of Paris, doubled up on beta blockers and drowning in rescue remedy I made it out of the hotel and this is what happened:

GardensFirst we wandered to La Vilette Gardens
which used to be a gypsum quarry but they’ve mined all the limestone and turned it into a truly stunning gardens with amazing views.

You can see a tiny bit of it here, but it’s so beautiful it’s so hard to capture it properly, and the view from the top is priceless:

Paris view

The Tourists!


We wandered the streets and found a tree being felled!:



Found some more stonking views:

Paris view

Found some hidden gems, and got chatted up on the metro!:

Paris Graffiti

And ended up at Pere Lachaise cemetery, home to some great names including Oscar Wilde and  many soldiers in the wars and victims of the holocaust.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

It’s also home to Jim Morrison who’s grave is cordoned off to stop crazed fans trying to steal bits of it, the tree and lamppost by his grave are covered in messages of love:

Jim Morrisons's Grave

Jim Morrisons's Grave

Edith Piaf is also here, roses atop her grave, alongside her lover.

Edith Piaf's Grave

It’s an amazing, but very odd place to be.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Then we wandered the streets back to the hotel!

Paris streets

But wait…there’s more! After dinner we had a wander around the canal that backs right on to the hotel! It all looks stunning lit up, and I walked it weighed down by a Turkish Delight given to me by a lovely, flirtatious waiter!:

Canal by night

Canal by night

Mrs TeePot poses

And voila! That is yours truly hanging from a lamppost!

Today was a lovely day, beautiful weather, ideal to spend wandering around Paris and clicking away!


  1. urbanvox

    great photos hunny!!!!!
    can’t wait to see tomorrow’s!!!!! 🙂
    truly wish I could have gone with ya now… more than I did already!!!!

  2. Notmyyearoff

    Lovely photos. I love Paris, these make me want to visit again soon!

    1. Madame Theiere


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