Dream Holibobs!

This is a sponsored post – but it’s all true, as you can probably tell!

You’d think living in France you wouldn’t need a holiday, but you know what, everyone needs a holiday! Personally, I’d love to go the Egypt, see the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Nile, walk in the footsteps of those famous Pharaohs who I spent so much of my childhood learning about. I used to absorb myself in books about ancient Egypt, I loved everything about it, of course then you grow up, but the desire to visit such an incredible place still remains.

Now this is where you’ll all cast judgement on me, because I’m not one for camping and all that jazz, I’m very much a home comforts girl! So for me, the only way to really enjoy my dream destination would be with a villa holiday and, be honest, who wouldn’t want to stay in somewhere like that (see left!).

*sighs deeply*

Oh, I can just imagine being woken up by the warm sun beaming through those huge windows, getting out of bed and glancing down at the pool, maybe my friends are already out there catching the early rays before it gets too hot. We’d make some breakfast, sit and sip a coffee or two and then head out to the tourist spots.

We could have such a laugh riding camels; chuckling at each of us trying not to fall off a hump! Then hop off our camel at the local market, wander round it taking in the smells of spices, the noise of a whole other language, a whole other culture going about their business while we potter through, in awe of the beauty of this other type of life.

Maybe we’d spy a quiet, little restaurant while we were out and stop in for a spot of lunch. One of us would pull out a sterilised pudding rather than eat the local produce (or maybe I’ve been watching too much Sex and the City!), we’d indulge in new flavours, daring each other to try something more spicy, more odd, more worrying than the other! We’d laugh, and drink more coffee, and water, and maybe juice. We’d chat about the amazing things we’d seen and realise that some of us missed things, we’d thank god for cameras!

Then we’d head back to the villa, home from home, all the luxuries that we’re used to (we wish!) in a country that we’d only dreamed of visiting. We’d laugh some more, phone loved ones at home, make them green with jealousy at our amazing holiday, and then we’d get some sleep to prepare for another day of exploration!

Oh it would just be bliss!

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