What a question, eh? This is my first Xpat Blog Hop and I waltzed in on a fairly difficult prompt! Being is it’s my first time and it fits the prompt, I’m going to explain why I moved to France, prepare for some Britain bashing!

Country life

I was fairly happy in England, once upon a time. Job, fella, house, guinea pigs, all was well with my little world. Long story short all but the guinea pigs came and went for one reason or another! Last to go was the house. In fact, that was a fairly recent development. You see, I have several mental health issues that led to the loss of my job, and am now unable to work (at least in the traditional sense), I tried and failed to get back into work a couple of times, I finally got my head around the idea that I couldn’t work and I had to learn to live with that.

Not long after I finally stopped being obscenely frustrated at myself for not being able to work, those lovely people at ATOS decided to tell the government that I was, in fact, fit for work, and therefore that I didn’t need any benefits. This left me in something of a dilemma; no income, unable to work, refused help from the state.

After living off my overdraft and the kindness of friends, I finally realised, while looking into a decidedly empty cupboard and noticing there was nothing to be had for dinner, that I couldn’t do it any more. The UK had disowned me because I was ill, they had, along with thousands of others (and the rest), left me to rot.

Cue a phone ringing somewhere in France. Fortunately my parents have lived out here for 5 years and had room to take me in. Fortunately they are supportive and have learnt about my problems and are supporting me. Fortunately I no longer have to wonder where my next meal is coming from or which service I can live without.

I, however, am very lucky. I got to leave the country that allows rioting in the streets and gives the offenders mere weeks in prison, that allows the ill, the elderly and the needy to starve, that encourages selfishness in its citizens and has abandoned all common sense.

I think that covers all the high points! You may well be getting the gist that I’m not for going back! I think I’ll stick on this side of the channel, despite the staring!

p.s. This wasn’t supposed to be ranty, but it was! Sorry about that!

p.p.s. I also blog (read: rant) about mental health and ATOS on my other blog: PotTee. I promise no more of that over here!

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