You lookin’ at me?

Boy do the French like to stare!

At first I thought it was just me being paranoid, but other people have since mentioned it so I figure it’s safe, blogging territory! So oh good lord, what are they looking at?

I have yet to establish if the staring is solely direct at the English, or ex-pats as a whole, or just anyone at all, but good god can they stare. It’s that makes-you-feel-you-stick-out-like-a sore-thumb-and-pray-the-ground-will-open-up-and-swallow-you-whole kind of stare too. It doesn’t seem to express interest, or attraction, or a desire to engage in communication, it’s just a stare.

I would photograph it, but I’m incredibly concerned that the photographee would march up to me and stare right in my face! I’m not so good with the confrontation, at least not with strangers!

Are they just nosey? Rude? Sick of seeing ex-pats? Wanting to scare off those “not from around these parts?” Whatever it is it’s rather uncomfortable. No. Very uncomfortable, and a definite down side to life in France.

Of course, due to the size of France and it’s population, the chances of seeing anther person are greatly reduced, and that appeals to me!


  1. Nic's Notebook

    I reckon they don’t like foreigners, and obv they can spot them a mile off. I found French people rather rude when I was in Paris…. 🙁 You should just give them a big smile and a wave haha… see what they do! 🙂 xx

    1. Madame Theiere

      Lol! Could well be! Have tried smiling and they look disgusted 🙁 It really gets to me!

  2. Simone

    My parents have lived in France for 5 years now and I cannot say I have ever noticed this happening and they certainly have not mentioned anything. In fact my parents have integrated more with the French community than the English community out there. They are in the South of France and everyone has always been extremely friendly, even shop assistants when you walk in shops.

    I do however have to agree with Nic’s Notebook and say I have never come across such rudeness as I did in Paris!! Men pushing in front of women with babies in pushchairs, queue jumping etc. They obviously didn’t bank on a Northern who was brought up with manners but will also shout at them!! :OP

    Not a usual thing to happen in the South so don’t tarnish them all with the same brush! Just like not all Northerners wear cloth caps and say E’ by gum!!

    1. Madame Theiere

      My parents are the same, they’ve been here 5 years and haven’t noticed it! It isn’t just me though, I swear! lol!

      I think the rudeness extends beyond Paris, but customer service is normally very good, just the average French person seems to be rude in the street, but once you get to know them they’re really nice! It’s a mystery!

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