Bargain Hunting

So, yesterday saw me hitting the Vide Grenier with some of the family for a browse and a flavour of French life. I had no intentions to buy anything, unless I saw some awesome, old postcards like I did at the last one, but I spied some camera lenses!

Turns out the whole lot, 3 lenses, film camera, flash, filters, lens hood, lens cleaner, bag was all €20 and I was too excited by my find to remember to haggle!

However, in my usual, epic fail, style, I failed to have the presence of mind to actually check if the lenses would fit my camera. I got them home to find out that they don’t! So, I shall be investing in an adapter for the canon lens and flogging the rest!

Bit of a photography fail there, so I thought I’d share! Now you can all laugh at my incompetence!


  1. bubbleboo

    I would have done exactly the same thing! Before you flog the camera though, I’m sure you could do some arty shots of it 🙂

    1. MrsTeePot

      Oh good! lol! Oooh, I totally didn’t think of that! You’re a GENIUS!

  2. Louise @ One Epic Holiday

    I really must start taking D to car boot sales! I’ve not been in years since my Dad used to drag me there. I loved it once there, but I was never a morning person hehe… but now *I* can drive I should really give it a go!

    I don’t do haggling – ever. I find it way way too embarrasing… just can’t do it. I think it was from seeing my dad do it as a child and I’d cringe like hell.

    Good luck in the flog 🙂

    1. MrsTeePot

      Lol! I normally like haggling but I was so stunned to hear the price I just didn’t think!

      Definitely somewhere to go with D!

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