1. Annie

    Wonder if he could do my wit 😉

    1. MrsTeePot

      Rofl! By the sounds of it you don’t need it!

      1. LauraCYMFT

        Here was me thinking he was washing his clothes old skool style!

  2. Bod for tea

    There used to be a knife sharpener around the corner when I was a little thing. Lovely candid shot.

    1. Erica Price

      Could do with him to come round and sort out my knives.

      1. MrsTeePot

        I think we all could! They blunt so fast!

    2. MrsTeePot

      I wish I’d grown up with stuff like that, it’s so interesting! Thanks!

  3. sarahmumof3

    love it, is it your knife? or were you just passing…

    1. MrsTeePot

      No, we were just passing. I’m not sure if he was doing the shops knives or what, fascinating to watch though

  4. Mags

    Wow what a fantastic shot – love it! Bet it was a fantastic place to visit 🙂

    1. MrsTeePot

      Thanks! Yea, it’s a beautiful city too, love the market there!

  5. geekmummy

    Wonderful sight! You don’t see that often these days, do you? I’ve got a whole drawer full of knives that could use his attention!

    1. MrsTeePot

      Lol! Post them over and I’ll see what I can do!

  6. Kerry

    Oh what a cool shot!!

    1. Kate

      Wow, that is different. Liked the sound of the plat du jour too

      1. MrsTeePot

        Lol! I thought the French signs in the background really set it off, gives a flavour of life!

    2. MrsTeePot

      Thanks! 🙂

  7. Deb at aspie in the family

    Lovely action shot. Reminds me when we used to have a man drive round the neighbourhood asking people if they wanted their knives and other tools sharpened. Don’t know where he went to. Miss that sort of community; its all big shops and multinationals now.

    1. @BlueBearWood

      Now there’s a dying trade and flash back photo.

      1. MrsTeePot

        I know, I was fascinated! 🙂

    2. MrsTeePot

      Thanks. Yea, it’s sad that this sort of trade is disappearing, such an interesting thing to watch too

  8. bubbleboo

    What a lovely street shot – and again I say: “can I come and live with you please”?!

    1. corinne

      That’s great, I wish I had someone near here to sharpen my knives!

      1. MrsTeePot

        It’s something that would be pretty handy isn’t it!

    2. MrsTeePot

      Thanks hun! And I say again: yes, please!!!

  9. Firefly Phil

    Interesting – is this sort of chap more common in France, I wonder?

    1. MrsTeePot

      I *think* it’s just a tourist thing, like he comes out for the tourist season then disappears, but don’t quote me on that!

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