Guilty Pleasures

My guilty pleasures are all food! Well…food and drink! I struggle to eat certain foods thanks to my IBS so when I do throw caution to the wind I often pay for it, but oh how I love food!

You know what I love; pizza! Pizza, with garlic and cheese stuffed crust. Oh yes! The things I’d do for a Pizza Hut pizza that stayed in my body for more than an hour!



I’d follow that with this apple pie. Not just any apple pie, this exact one! It was the most delicious apple pie in the world. Ever!
Apple Tart


And all that would be accompanied by a cocktail, nothing heavily alcoholic, just enough to flavour it a bit and wash down that scrummy food!



And after I’d eaten and drunk to my heart’s content, I’d have a coffee. Preferably a Costa, caramel latte (which the photo is not…), but any coffee would do. Or even a cup of Yorkshire Tea, or Twinings! Something with caffeine that didn’t make me sick and faint!

Latte*deep sigh* oh…it would be heaven!
 These delicious items were brought to you by The Gallery!


  1. QWERTY Mum

    mmm – no guilt attached to just looking!

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