Life in black and white

This week’s Gallery theme is “a happy memory” so it may surprise you that this photo was taken on Monday, given that Monday was only 3 days ago, but it was. Anyway, Monday was a pretty pants day for me (as was Tuesday), but was punctuated by moments like this.

In the foreground is my step-dad, he’s cracking walnuts, in the background is my mum, laughing on the phone with her friend, and the two dogs chilling, and of course behind the camera is me, snapping away! ‘cos hey, it’s life that creates happy memories.

life in black and white


  1. CoffeeCurls

    Love photo’s of people laughing, always feel like it captures some magic. Great poodles too 🙂

    1. MrsTeePot

      Poodles???? POODLES???? They’re Bischons! hehe! 😀

  2. Kate

    Your mum’s face in this is just fab!
    Hope you make some happy memories for you and soon

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