But you don’t remember

Quiet descends. Your face letting go of it’s smile

It would be a neutral look if we didn’t know you so well.

Uncomfortable silence rules now.


Then the stern words. The disagreements. The refusal to listen.

We are wrong, you are right, there is no discussion.

Your words slice.



They wound, they maim, they leave scars so deep they will never heal.


You shout.

The silence of an hour ago now only a distant memory.

I would trade the raised voices for that uncomfortable silence now.


I crack. Tears flow.

Pain envelopes me but you are blind to it. Blind to those bullets that have buried into me.

Blind to the arrows still sticking out from my skin. Blind to the irreparable damage being added to those old scars.


But morning comes, and a smile is returned. Not to my face though.

But you don’t remember.

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