World Photography Day: PBP

So this week the lovely Tara has set us a task to celebrate World Photography Day with our Gallery post. I’m late to the party because when I initially saw the prompt I thought there was no way I could do it justice, but having taken hundreds of photos of the Paris-Brest-Paris race I thought “sack it, I’ll give it a shot!”

I might have taken them through a window from a moving car. It’s far from being a top quality photo but you know what? It doesn’t just show some bikes, it shows determination and inspiration and bravery. I’ve used photos from Wednesday because that’s Gallery day but, as you can see from my PBP flickr set, they cycled through torrential rain and thunder and lightening to complete their challenge. That’s pretty inspirational if you ask me!

Paris - Brest Cycle Race



  1. kate

    I like the cyclists and how they contrast with the cows.

  2. sarahmumof3

    this IS a great photo, the cyclists, the cows the sky line and cables all make it intresting yet peaceful at the same time… love it

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