Montaudin Randonnée

Yesterday I went on another walk with the ex-pat group out here, this time it was a circuit round our local town/village/thing! It was 26 degrees but it felt much higher and by the time we got back I was so knackered I had to have a nap, although I woke up with the same pounding headache that I went to sleep with!

Anyway, despite the heat I did take some photos (surprise, surprise!), so I shall give you a mini tour of the walk we took!

We met up in Montaudin for the walk, this is Montaudin church. It’s rather pretty dont’cha think?

Montaudin Church

We wandered past cows and bulls and the usual French wildlife!


We walked some more, poor Stewart struggled to keep up!

Some of us, the rather naughty ones, picked some plums to sustain them for the rest of the walk!
Picking Plums

We found a very pretty cemetery that made me think about how wonderful it is that the French keep their dead so close to them and keep their spirits alive. Something the Brit’s aren’t so good at, we’re more of a ‘bury them out of the way and try not to think about death’ culture!

We took some time to appreciate the views

We saw a beautiful roadside shrine thing
Roadside shrine
But most importantly…I found Jesus! It’s not Nemo, but y’know!

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