Place of Peace

On Friday we headed off to a Harley Davidson rally, I was pretty psyched and planning to take photos of all the bikes with the pretty French town in the background; modern meets tradition or something! Anyway, we arrived at the alleged location and…no bikes! Not a one! I don’t even recall seeing a push bike! Amused? Not so much!

Fortunately, on the way home we stopped by a tomb/house/stone thing, the sign said they weren’t sure what it was, but whatever it was it felt amazing. There was a certain aura there, in the spot where it was, it felt serene. I could have spent hours there just soaking up the atmosphere.

Anyway, before you have images of me getting all hippy on you and naked dancing at the entrance to said stone thing, I was not distracted enough by the serenity to forget to take photos!


  1. Samantha

    Looks gorgeous and soooo peaceful!


    1. Madame Theiere

      It absolutely is. Truly amazing

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