Cooking and Crafting!

Technically this is a photo blog, but seeing as I have a photo to accompany this post I’m letting myself off!

And my reason for this give away is…wait for it…photography is a craft, and this is a crafts and cooking give away….

No sale? Well, you don’t have to enter 😉

Anyway, if you do want To Enter and win some bits and bobs to get craft with the kids this summer you need to…

All I want you to do is tell me your favourite thing about crafting/cooking with your kids!

Competition will run until Wednesday 20th July 2011 at which time comments will be closed.

Winner will be decided by a randomiser programme and notified via email (so makes sure you leave your email address!).

Posting only within the UK (sorry!)

                                            Good Luck!



  1. Jayne

    Edith and I do a lot of cooking and crafting together and there are SO many things that I love about it. Aside from getting to watch her experience new things and seeing the delight on her face with each new thing she learns, I just love the fact that crafting and cooking together is so personal and gives us time to sit, put our heads together and come up with something which is just ours.

  2. bpC

    I don’t get to spend much time with my youngest at the moment, but when I do I like to be able to share as many activities as I can. She loves cooking & crafts. My favourite thing about it is that she often teaches me more than I teach her ;o)

  3. Steph

    Getty messy! Little boys are always at their happiest when they are covered in glue/paint/dough/general goop 🙂

  4. Erin Lee

    My favourite thing about cooking and crafting with my little boy is how excited he gets about it! =)

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