nantwich jazz fest

Nantwich Jazz Festival

The Easter weekend in Nantwich is always a big weekend as musicians and tourists from around the world descend on the small town to enjoy the Jazz, Blues and Music Festival, or “Jazz Fest.” This year I was joined by my gorgeous twin, Laura, for partying on and rocking out!

Friday saw us warming up with a few beverages in a few pubs, drinking in the atmosphere and the Easter buzz. Sat in the glorious sunshine preparing for a weekend to remember while various buskers played around the town was a reminder of just how good life can be!

On Saturday we headed to The White Horse to see Blozone,Trombone the names get better and better by the way! The crowd was fantastic and the band had every one on their feet. They treated us to all the classics from Soul and Motown and surprised us after a brief break with two trombonists and a saxophonist popping up from the crowd and leaping onto the bar and tables while still playing! By the end of the night our feet ached from bopping but we made a note of when they were playing again so that the experience could be repeated!

Funkus Monkus CollageBy Sunday we had picked up another friend, Yuri, and we went off to the local club during the day to see Thaw playing. They had a pretty heavy sound and rocked the guitar solos while the smell of barbecue wafted from downstairs. From there we headed to Harrisons to see Funkus Monkus, headed by Vernon Fuller. They got us in the zone with their blend of groove based Jazz Funk fusion; “Jazz and Funk with a hint of Monk!” The enthusiasm they exuded was fabulous and the passion they felt filled the room and made it impossible not to love them.


Monkey FingersThe wind-down on Monday found us back at The White Horse getting Monkey Fingered! These handsome rockers had just returned from a tour of LA and, despite the cold weather, the crowd were crying out for more from them, so much so that the manager asked them to stay on for longer. By the end of the night my throat was sore from singing, or screaming, along to their classic rock tunes but it was worth it!

The town was busy all weekend with throngs of people gathered on closed roads to chat, meet friends, eat or queue to get into some of the more popular gigs. The atmosphere was electric and everyone who attended seemed to have a wail of a time so roll on next year!


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