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I’m not getting divorced (though I am partial to Wedding cake), in fact I have never been married, but I was really interested by this book. I suppose it is best described as a layman’s guide to divorce in the UK: you can flip to the section that you need advice on or read through it and get a handle on each stage of the process. I have already recommended it to several friends who are divorcing because I really think it will help them.

The whole book is simple to understand even if you have no idea, as I did, of the divorce process. It is full of helpful advice but does not claim to be the all knowing oracle, instead it points to experts who can help in each field. There are, wisely, many suggestions of counselling to help you to get through the process and for any children who may be involved. I thought it was very sensible, and somewhat refreshing, to see the mental effects of divorce approached so candidly and talked about seriously.

The one part of the book that I struggled with was the pensions chapter, it blew my mind! Having said that it seems like an incredibly complicated topic and I think the author did his best to make it as clear as possible.

The tips given out throughout the book are very useful, for example letting us know who wont accept photocopied documents, and would be invaluable to anyone going through the process. The fact that the author has also experienced divorce himself means that he is very understanding of how tough it is and this certainly comes across, the book feels supportive yet firm, almost like a close friend trying to get you back on your feet.

If you, or someone you know, is getting divorced I would definitely recommend this book, it covers not just the legal issues but every aspect from knowing the marriage is failing to moving on after. A definite 10/10.


  1. Keith Churchouse


    Thank you for the review and very pleased you liked it. 10/10 is fantastic. Great website by the way!

    Thanks for the note on pensions, it is a minefield and simplfying the topic is a tough one. Hopefully my notes will give some good guidance as to how the process works, although most will need individual advice on what they need to do in their circumstances.

    Thank you again for the review.


    1. Molly

      Hi Livi

      Interesting review. Shame I didn’t know about the book a year ago but I have managed to successfully negotiate my divorce with the minimum amount of legal help. I think things only get really tricky or expensive if you and your partner go for the big fight. Once someone decideds to fight everything then it gets messy and unpleasant.


      1. Livi

        Glad you managed to get through it sweety *hugs* I have to say having read the book I have immense respect for anyone who managed to get through it!

    2. Livi

      Thank you for the comment Keith 🙂 I’m glad you like the review (and the site!).

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