It sits quietly next to me while I read my favourite books, never judging my chosen literature, never interrupting, never shuffling impatiently. It’s there whenever I need a pick me up, knowing just the right spot to hit. When I have to have my own space, time away from it to heal, it never complains and it is always right there when I’m feeling better again.

It lets me try all the varieties and never gets jealous; dark, milk, white, hot, with fruit and nut, with fillings, in bars or boxes, from all over the world or good local stuff. So many options and no one can call me a slut for trying them all! I shall scour the world for the finest chocolate, a bar in every port (I will probably end up in Norway!) and I shall bring back all manner of chocolate for me to love.

I can share it too, if you’re nice to me! I can bake it into yummy cakes, I can melt it and dip delicious things into it (ordrizzle it over a delicious person 😉 ), I can dunk it, and have fun with it that is only limited by imagination.

One day I shall bathe in chocolate, much like Cleopatra but far sexier (because I totally look like that! —>). I shall own a chocolate fire guard, just to prove the haters wrong! My love and I will live happily ever after because all it wants it to please me, that’s true love!

This post was to earn me some more Oui Chef! points! This months theme is chocolate because it’s Becca’s birthday! Yay!

(Photo Credit: myspace forums)


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  2. I am a bit of a chocolate whore in as much as I love it all, in every form and manner. I always have some in my cupboard, in my bag and on my mind. I am not loyal to any bar or choc in particular but I have been known to pass on a Bounty, Snickers or other nutty versions.
    Bit of an addict to be truthful x

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