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The lovely Lottie has set a new finishing school task, her first from her new home in the States, to assess our image. Having not blogged about finishing school for a while, but quietly taking part, I thought this one was a perfect opportunity to look back at how I’ve done so far.

So Lottie asked us these four simple questions to help us think about our image:

1.  Write down three words you think describe your image now.
Changeable, studenty, comfortable

2.  Now write down three words you would like to use to describe your image.
Feminine, brave, 20/30/40/50/60s!

3.  Now write down three things you love about the way you present yourself be it in terms of what you wear, how you act or what you do.  If you can’t find three things then you have some work to do.
My strut, my hair, my make-up

4.  Write down five things you can do to change your image to how you want it to be or further enhance those good bits of your present image.  This bit is simple. It need only be a five point list.  Make sure your aims are realistic and achievable in the next two weeks.

  • Get a leg wax
  • Have a manicure
  • Find a way to be warm and stylish
  • Be brave in what I wear rather than worry that people will think it looks silly
  • Find new ways to do my hair

If you feel you’ve already covered the basics of your image over the course of the last few weeks think about what you need to do to step it up.  Perhaps you need to introduce a regular exercise routine (image incorporates fitness too, a lazy or unhealthy person is always lower achieving), practise a hair tutorial, indulge in better make up, find a college course (stimulating the brain ALWAYS helps with image and identity, it’s part of how we percieve ourselves), there are many steps you can take towards self improvement from the simple to the more challenging that will improve your image.

I’m going to browse youtube for some hair tutorials to find ways to zhush (sp?) my hair up and how to use clips and things in it. I’m already at uni so that’s my brain sufficiently stimulated and it’s also giving me exercise: Oxford road is longer than you think! I’ve finally managed to sort my make-up routine too, as they say, practice makes perfect! So overall I think I’m doing pretty well!

If you haven’t checked out Lottie’s Finishing School workshop yet, whiz over there and have a look. It’s amazing! Just give one or two of them a try and see what a huge difference it makes to you. *swishes hair* because you’re worth it!


  1. Lottie

    I think you're fabulous! I love the Polka Dot coat. Good luck with the hair tutorials, there are many fab ones out there. LOVE that you have a make up routine now, way to go girl! Xxxxx

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