Post from Norway!

This is what I love about the Secret Post Club, today I woke up to a parcel from Norway, more specifically from Miss Carina!

Oddly, despite the “signature required” sticker, they posted it!

Lookey lookey what I got! So far I have just munched the chocolate and OH MY GOD was it good! Cadbury’s has got nothing on that stuff!


  1. mrsshilts

    ohhh what a parcel, looks fantastic!

  2. Nic's Notebook

    Yum yum I would like a parcel like that coming through my door! How exciting 🙂

    1. bsouth

      Mmmm, yummy. I'm beginning to think I should relax my "no chocolate becuase of the slim possibility of contamination from nuts" rule and just hide it from the boy!

      1. Livi

        excellent plan! there must be somewhere that sells totally nut free chocolate?

  3. mrsljhall

    Ooooh I've not had a 'foreign' SPC parcel yet. That must be extra exciting!

    1. Livi

      It was VERY exciting! hehe! I may have let out a little squeal when it arrived!

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