Happy June

It’s June 1st, for those of you who haven’t noticed! So I thought I’d rattle out a blog post of what I want to do during the month. What with all the shit (sorry folks) going on I need a plan, I like to have a plan, and this is it:

  • Get a new look – or any look to be perfectly honest. I don’t think jeans and a t-shirt counts as a look! Aside from that my last pair of jeans is now worn out, so I need to shop anyway. So there will be much shopping, I like shopping! I’m thinking something 50s-esque with a modern twist. Opinions and ideas greatly appreciated because, as we established before, I am no Gok Wan, in fact I am closer to Gok Wan’s worst nightmare!
  • Get a job – scary one, this! I have applied for a job at a different branch of Hope House, the charity shop I currently volunteer at, after one of the managers said I should definitely apply! She was really enthusiastic so I sent off my CV on Saturday, keep your fingers crossed for me folks! I’m going to have a look around for other stuff too, it’s all pretty scary for me given it involves new people and places, but I’m determined!
  • Move house – not only is this necessary, but I want to. I’m ready to move I think, lots of really shit (sorry again) stuff has happened in this house, some good stuff too, but a lot of bad so I want to move somewhere that I can call home. Mostly I also really want to decorate somewhere too! I’d love to buy somewhere but I don’t see that happening soon sadly, so I will have to just rent and make-do for the time being. I just really want to settle, I’m sick of moving. 3 homes in 22 years is too much, I need to nest.
  • Organise to go and see Louise – After just missing her when she passed through my local train station not long ago I am still a bit peeved! She’s fantastic and we get on like a house on fire so I’m on a mission to find a way to go and visit! You have been warned! 😛
  • Sort out my OU course – I’ve got the brochures and still haven’t decided what I want to do. Need to get my ass into gear and apply. *Pulls finger out*
  • Find a man – There is no point giving me the “you don’t need a man” speech! No, I don’t need a man, but I want one. I think by now we have established my life plan involves being married, to a man, and living happily ever after, being one of those happy clappy single folks just doesn’t do it for me. More power to ya, but I won’t be joining the club. I could probably have a great career doing something and support myself and do whatever single folks do these days, but the thought alone makes me cringe, I wasn’t built for female empowerment, I was built to cook my man’s dinner and raise his kiddies. (On a totally unrelated topic: should you know some eligible bachelors who want to marry a lovely blonde girl, please send them my way!)

I feel better now I have a plan. No doubt they wont all happen this month, but I’m working on it! Here’s to an epic June, whatever happens it’s going to beat May’s ass!

(Turns out I’m not the only one making plans, Tiddlyompompom has a linky up for you to add your posts about your plans to, so hop over there and join in!)


  1. undomestic housewife

    Good luck! Sounds like a great plan. Hope you get the job and are able to find a new place! And man, of course too. I agree with you. We don't 'need men' but they can be incredibly wonderful to have around. I'm definitely not a good single person either! But anyways, hope things work out! 🙂

    1. Hayley

      Well done on having a plan! You have inspired me and I think i'm gonna do my own one in a minute. I hope you manage to achieve all on your plan 😀

  2. copingwithdepression

    Happy June! It's so good you have a plan & goals to work towards, I think I may have to copy your idea 😉

    1. Livi

      lol! Copy away, it's quite nice to have it in print so I can refer to it. I like plans, I'm a big fan of lists and organisation (aka – a boring person!)

  3. bsouth

    I like your plan. It sounds like a lot of hard work but it's always good to have things to aim for.

    I'm liking the sound of the 50's esque with a modern twist clothing – pictures when you've been shopping please!

    1. Livi

      If only I knew what I meant by that! lol! Am hoping that with some guidance from a friend and maybe the shop assistants I'll get somewhere! Definitely photos to follow!

    2. Eoforhild

      It's a most excellent plan. I'm a big fan of plans.

      I love the sound of the new look, I think I remember seeing some pictures of something like that in a magazine, I shall have a look when I get home.

      And fingers crossed on the job front. You will find the perfect job, of that I have no doubt.

  4. Priorities | Livi's Little Bubble

    […] imagine that it has not escaped your notice that I am newly single and on the prowl and this has presented me with a problem of sorts, not least because I haven’t done this […]

  5. Priorities | Livi's Little Bubble

    […] imagine that it has not escaped your notice that I am newly single and on the prowl and this has presented me with a problem of sorts, not least because I haven’t done this […]

  6. Louise

    Firstly… I seen this collection on an email from Peacocks a week or two ago and totally forgot to tell you about it! As soon as I seen it I thought "So Livi!!".

    And awww for saying about meeting me! You too hun! Ya know what… I'm off on hols for the week from 12th July onwards…
    can't believe I never said where my train was changing, and that I could've spent those 7 hours on my own in Birmingam – NOT on my own but seeing you at the train change place!! Gutted!

    Crossing every possible thing in my body for you for the Hope House job…!

    I'm all for a better June after May being so crappy here too, with my near constant illnesses/things wrong with me, then Mark's sad passing aged 19 at the very end of the month.

    C'mon June. Kick ass!!!!!!

    1. Livi

      oooh thanks for the Peakcocks link 🙂 It shall go on my list of shops to visit! hehe! You know me so well! lol!

      Ooooh *makes note in diary* I shall see what I'm doing from 12th July!

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