I bought me a new camera!

As those of you who follow my twitter or facebook will know, I bought a new camera yesterday, so I’m taking this post to brag and big up the lovely man in Chester who sold it to me! (This is not a sponsored post, I just love this camera and thought the customer service deserved blogging about.)

So this is me and my gorgeous new Canon EOS 1000D, isn’t she pretty! I haven’t decided on a name yet, I thought Betsy was nice but she doesn’t seem like a Betsy. She makes a really sexy sound when you press her buttons though! I think I may be in love with her!

I have to admit I didn’t intend to buy an SLR, I went in with every intention of buying a slightly flash digital camera but having spoken to Stuart, the lovely man in Currys, about what I wanted (point and click that I can also fiddle with and learn with) he said I’d be better off with an SLR. He was right! It does do “normal” point and click stuff, you can set it all to automatic and bam, top photos, or you can set different bits to manual and play with them. There’s lots of different settings and things to play with, I love it! I’ve even set up a flickr account just to post my photos to!

The man in Curry’s was brilliant too, he was so enthusiastic and helpful, he taught me how to take the lens off and taught me about aperture and things too. He was honestly incredible, so full of information and eager to help, I know how to focus on something and make the background blurry too! I would definitely recommend speaking to someone like him if you are looking to buy a camera, of any type really. He didn’t just try to push the most expensive camera on to me, he listened to what I was looking for and recommended the best camera for the job. So if anyone from Currys is reading this, Stuart from the Chester branch needs a raise!


  1. hayley

    Have subscribed to you on flickr my dear! Cant wait to see what you come up with!
    Canons RULE!

    1. Louise

      That's awesome that you found someone knowledgeable in a Currys to tell you about cameras and SLRs! He obviously has a camera passion too. Good man Stuart!! You should write a wee note to the store… get him some praise and recognition.

      Anyhoo…. have now added you on Flickr. Had one for years, never uploaded to it tho. Ya never know, I may yet lol

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