I’ll follow you if you follow me

I need to vent!

Are we in high school still, really? What is with all the applications and such for twitter that tell you who is unfollowing you, do we really care? Do I not have the right to unfollow someone without getting a message saying “why have you unfollowed me?” You may well enjoy reading my tweets but I may not be so interested by yours, there are people who I follow who don’t follow me. That’s life folks, not everyone get’s on. You might be a lovely person, you might be hilarious or very intelligent or the Queen of England but if I don’t find your tweets interesting then I don’t want to follow you.

Why? Why do people try to guilt me in to following them? I suppose the more pertinent question is why do I let them? I can’t help it, I’d feel terrible replying with, “Well, I’ve been following you for a week or so and your tweets bored me” or something along those lines. It might be honest but it’s not kind! I don’t want to have to explain myself to people who I have never exchanged words with in any form, why should I? It drives me insane! If I see you’ve made some interesting tweets I follow you, if I find that in general I don’t read them or am not interested in them I unfollow, surely that’s how the system is supposed to work? Happens in real life too; start chatting, don’t get on you don’t keep in touch.

Personally, I use twitter to follow people who genuinely interest me, people who make me laugh, who I get on with. For me it is a case of quality over quantity. There is no point me following thousands of people when I will miss most of their tweets! It’s not sane folks! I don’t want to “collect” followers, I just want a chat!

I’m begging you folks, if I unfollow you please leave me alone! Please don’t send me a message that makes me feel like a bad person for doing it, it’s not personal, it could be as basic as your spelling annoys me! I don’t go chasing after people who stop following me!

Rant over!


  1. @dyl_do

    you shouldn't feel guilty… I just go ahead and tell people that they bore me when they do, then unfollow them… sure, it's a bit mean, but it encourages them to try to be more interesting!

  2. Dara

    Good for you!
    I've never gotten such a message – heck wasn't even aware there was an application that told you that. But I've had similar messages on facebook. I doa regular "cull" of my facebook friends and the day before I always announce it and state that if you're boring, inactive, or post too many game announcements I will defriend you – that cuts down on any messages

  3. Louise

    Dara… why don't you just block the game apps? Personally I feel that culling because someone likes to game is a tad harsh when you can block em so it's not an issue hehe, but that's just me… I used to be a tad addicted to them myself, but now have NO farmville, mafia or cafe now yay! I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeee! =)

    I don't do culling of facebook friends though… I've never done so. I've added them cause I know them in some way and wanted to have them on the facebook.

    Twitter though is another matter. I've unfollowed people before, usually coz the same… the tweets are boring, or majorly excessive – like doing the hashtag games in excess… and there's no way to block that on twitter unfortunately and you have to just put up with it!

    I was aware of sites such as friend or follow and I've used them myself! Not go go hunting folk down, but if someones unfollowed me and I've thought of unfollowing them but not quite done it as feel a bit like "well theyre okay…." but if they've unfollowed ME, I can unfollow guilt free hehe. Also I can use it to find folk who are following me who I'm not following back, and can look at their tweets to see if I should follow back or not, let them stay reading mine, or unfollow them. It's not so bad now that I'm on protected tweets, but sometimes I will accept someone to see mine, that looks okay, but if they don't make contact with me I'll not bother following back! Sorta like a test to see if they communicate or not I guess.

    I've heard and seen this "you unfollowed me… why!?" stuff on Twitter before… these people just need to get a grip… it's not as if you were lifelong friends since primary school and all of a sudden cut you out of their lives! =)

    1. Aliquant

      Every time someone unfollows me, I throw a puppy in the lake.
      Please, think of the puppies… lake's getting pretty full…

      1. livileah88

        lol! I can't imagine anyone would ever want to unfollow you! 😛

  4. hayley

    I am yet to experience anyone like that but I know what you mean. There are times when I think ok so why arent they following me, some top bloggers that I tweet with, they will tweet me back but not follow me. Why? Because I have a protected twitter. Thus the two of my twitters!

  5. Kelloggsville

    I have noticed that you haven't started following me yet and I popped in to leave a message to demand to know why, I'm with the puppy slaughterer – a kitten gets it for every day I'm not followed….no……you still don't give a sh….ahhhhh…okey dokey…popping back into my hole then ;0)

    1. marisworld

      Wow, I hardly ever get on Twitter these days, too much to do in too little time so probably wouldn't notice if you unfollowed me either (please don't – I'll be back one day!)
      Praying for more me time soon …. 🙂

  6. christinemosler

    I absolutely agree with you! 100%. 🙂

  7. @tattooed_mummy

    I tweeted a link to this!! I’d sometimes love to be brave enough to just unfollow and say why but often the whole ‘but…’ replies get too much, I usually block so I don’t have to read the whinging!! How harsh am I!

    I don’t really unfollow often though, just the odd cull (which I announce!) or spam people I followed in error. I’m not usually one for unfollowing in spite when someone unfollows me, unless we’d been really chatty just before they buggered off, then I might!

    but hey, plenty more twits on twitter! LOL

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  8. Plan B

    I don't tweet, so I haven't had this, but I was slightly taken aback the other day to get a comment on my blog saying "I'll follow you if you follow me". Like you, I just didn't think it worked like that… not to mention the fact that I don't follow anyone, I just float around picking up on things I like the look of…. Is that bad of me?

    1. livileah88

      Not bad of you at all. We all have different tastes and we shouldn't have to read stuff we don't enjoy, life's too short! I'm very honoured to be one of the people you've floated over to 🙂

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