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Inspired by Dara from Readily a Parent and her post on her *gulp* hatred of shopping… I know, I couldn’t believe it either! I have decided to blog about my love of retail therapy, please prepare yourself for an insanely girly post with excessive usage of the word “fabulous!”

I love shopping! I really really do. I adore it. I love the shops, the music they play (even when it’s music I hate), the things they sell, the buzz of buying something, all of it! It’s fabulous! It’s all so bright and shiny and girly and, well, fabulous! My favourite place to shop is the Trafford Centre mainly because it’s so beautiful and full of fabulous things, what more could a girl want?! I love to get lost in it’s stunning surroundings, with friends, and wander in all the shops, and have something to eat and make a whole day of it.

Having said that, I’d make a whole day of shopping anywhere. My OH and I spend a lot of time around Cheshire Oaks, visiting family, and every time we end up in the outlet mall, and every time I love it! I’ll shop for anything, clothes, kitchen appliances, toys, electronics, books, furniture, stationary, home wares, even food shopping gives me a buzz. (I’m beginning to think that my problem is more of a problem than Dara’s!) It’s true though, just nipping to the supermarket eases those “I need to shop” cravings. I don’t get the same rush from online shopping though, I’ll definitely never be one of those people who only buys online, given the option I’d go out and do it properly every time!

My ultimate fetish is without a doubt, shoes. I love shoes. I love shoes in the way most women love their vibrators, or their husbands (maybe they should have been the other way round!). Shoes are my drug of choice, they’re so gorgeous, they make me feel fabulous, they’re like little pieces of art. I don’t even have to wear them to get a kick, just seeing them is enough, or touching them, just admiring their perfectly formed bodies with their stunning heels. *sigh* It’s like a dream to me. If I won the lottery I would buy shoes. All the shoes! All the shoes in the world! And then I would buy a house in which to display them. *drifts into dreamland*

But back in reality, I have approximately 30 pairs of shoes, 2 of those are trainers, most of them are heeled. Sadly, most of them also need re-heeling due to excessive wear, but I still love them. Most of them give me blisters, or make my feet bleed, or will give me massive foot problems in later life but sometimes I just don’t care. I’ve started being good, I wear flats most of the time now, I’ve even got a teeny soft spot for sweet ballet pumps now, but they will never replace my love and adoration for too small, uncomfy, sky scraper heels.

And now I’m going to stop my girlish ramblings and leave you with some adorable bits and bobs and a wish that you will all be fabulous, daahlings and forgive this mostly pointless and shamefully pink post!

Thank you Polyvore for coming into my life and allowing me to showcase my lack of fashion sense to the world! For far better examples of how to put an outfit together please hop over to What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear. She is my new fashion icon, for those of you who have not yet experienced Glee, what is wrong with you?! But her style is along the lines of Bree Van deKamp (Desperate Housewives) and Charlotte York (Sex and the City), if you’re still lost then I don’t think we can be friends anymore 😛


  1. Eoforhild

    I love to shop, both online and in real life, although these days I'm more likely to be found in charity shops than the big shopping centres (They are far too crowded for my liking!!)

    Alas, I have never had a good experience with shoes, in fact I only have one pair that could be considered fabulous and I've only worn them once, (but every now and again, I get them out and try them on)

    1. Andy

      Enter text right here!Shoe shopping ive never understood the whole attraction, i only own 8 or 9 pairs of shoes and two pairs are trainers.

  2. Eoforhild

    Hmm… my comment appears to have been eaten.


    1. Livi

      not eaten, just awaiting moderation! 🙂
      I am loving the charity shop shopping now too actually (post on that coming up in May!), love a bargain!
      Aww, what bad experiences have you had with shoes?

      1. Eoforhild

        Wide, flat feet!! Getting school shoes could mean up to two hours at Clarkes (or where ever) trying to get a pair that fitted, more often than not I ended up with boys or unisex shoes.

        I really wanted the Princess shoes with the key!!

        Unfortunatly this trend has carried on throughout my life, and the only place I can get girly shoes that fit comfortably is Evans. That is where my fabulous pair came from.

        I am most likely to be seen in combats or New Rocks these days anyway 😀

        1. Livi

          No excuse! I'm a size 8 with wide, flat feet! I did struggle with school shoes, could never have those jelly shoes 🙁
          Having said that I'm less about the comfort more about the pretty! Evans are wonderful, I have to get my knee/thigh high boots from there because I have big calves (damned horse riding!)

          I have developed a soft spot for New Rocks, I don't own any and can't imagine ever wearing them, but I do look and think "oooh they're pretty!"

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