What’s in my handbag?

The fabulous Mari at Mari’s World has tagged me in a meme to find out what’s in my handbag! So I have whipped out my camera (which is also kept in my bag but being used to take the photos!) and got rooting, and this is what I found:

This is my handbag, it’s pink 😀 yay! My parents bought it me for Christmas, and by that I mean they gave me monies and I bought this! It’s just the right size for me and I think it’s very pretty!

And this is what it normally looks like inside

The main things in my bag are here; purse, filofax, blackberry and my ipod which is engraved with “976-BABE” on the back thanks to my OH 🙂 (also note the lack of earphones – I do own them but always forget to take them with me!). Are we sensing a pink and girly theme here?!

And this is a slightly blurry picture of the other odds and ends; tissues, lots of lipgloss, chewing gum and a brush/mirror combi.

My bag is very light weight nowadays!

And now for the tagging, show me what’s in your bags ladies:

Louise of Wee Wifie’s World

Emma at Me, the Man & the Baby

Debs of Dopey Dee’s Blog

And anyone else who hasn’t done it, because it seems most people have! So if you’re reading this and you haven’t, show me what’s in your handbag!


    1. livileah88

      I do love pink! Maybe a little too much!

  1. Deb

    Lovely bag, but it's not full! I always fill mine whatever size they are so I always carry a small one round. I'll try get pics up later x

    1. bsouth

      I do like that bag. You're good at not carrying much crap aren't you? I'm terrible, my bag gets filled up with all sorts of rubbish and I have to regularly clear it out just so I can find the important things. I've got a new system of organisation, we'll see how it goes!

      1. MrsShilts

        Fab bag!
        Very organised too..p.s being a bit of a lurker and havent posted before but like the look of your new layout! Its neat x

        1. Livi

          aww thankies, I don't think it's organised! lol! I normally like bags with lots of compartments!
          Glad you like the new layout 🙂 Love to hear comments so don't be shy!

  2. Nickie at Typecast


    FILOFAX!! (see my blog)


    Love your new look blog too 😀

  3. Marianne

    Lovely bag! My choice of bag these days has to tick the following boxes 1) Lots of room for girls' stuff 2, big handles so it sits on my shoulder allowing both hands free 3, easy to clean as they like playing with it, sticky hands and all 🙂

  4. handbag hanger

    I love bags and I love anything that is pink! Great post.

  5. Nic's Notebook

    How come I never saw this post before? I do like to be nosey & look in people's bags!! PS – BATTERIES???!!! We all know you're a saucy mare, but come on!!

    1. Livi

      lol! It's a post from a while ago!
      ahh that explains the batteries tweet! They were for my camera! lol!

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