First Days of Uni

Well it’s Tuesday night (actually, technically it’s Wednesday morning!) and I have done my first two days of the induction week at the University of Manchester. Now before people go accusing me of not being open minded (Sami!) although I was nervous (terrified is probably more accurate!) before I started I was determined to give it a shot and see what happened. I had no idea what to expect really and I was open minded.
Anyway, the first day was pretty nervewracking, Mum came with me and we got the train (fotunately we didn’t have to be there until 2ish so it was relaxed). I’m quite enjoying train journys now, have to say I do prefer them to busses. We got to Picadilly and got the uni bus to the main campus. We had some lunch in the Rock Cafe because we got there early (just in case!) and then found our way to the lecture we needed to be in. The lecture was pretty boring but settled my nerves a bit despite them telling us to buy a book from a shop that doesn’t exist and the general disorganisation. However all the uni students wandering around talking about partying and teenage stuff was getting to me, the whole atmosphere is one of youth and “coolness” and that’s just not me. I’m the first to admit that I’m a grumpy old woman! After the talk we went pretty much straight home because we were both knackered! Sad, after having time to reflect on the day I felt terrible and massively depressed and this resulted in a shocking nights sleep which didn’t bode well for day two.
Day two, today, was horrendous in the morning: the bus was an ass so we (my mum and I) ended up walking from the station in the poruing rain, leaving us both cold and wet for the lecture, which we got to an hour early after much arguing over whether we were going in the right direction or not. We had managed to get a proper map by now though. Waiting to go into the lecture was messing with my head something chronic, looking around there were all these young, hip, fashionable people who want a career and believe in feminism and all that jazz. I felt so out of place and inferior I wanted to cry. Eventually we went into the lecture and everyone quietened down and the teachers started giving their, completely useless and highly boring, talks on various aspects of uni life. I’m hoping that I will be able to avoid uni life so to speak and just be able to go to lectures, grab the work and go, I think if I manage that I will make it through. The problem is definitely with the other students and the fact I feel like a total outcast and completely different to them all because my views and dreams are so blatently different to theirs. We shall see I suppose.
After the never ending lecture we went to buy my books from the shop that Bob suggested and we had a nice coffee and lunch there. It was good to get away from the students, who were all at the student fair, again so I didn’t get brought down.

When I got home Stuart’s mummy dropped off my disney netbook 😀 It’s fantastic in everyway and it totally made my day! I have set it all up to be all pink inside too and downloaded all my programmes!  I got to spend the evening with some friends watching Supernatural too which is always great fun! I am loving season 4 so far, excellent story line! Even with Deanbat is forgivable, mainly because we love him!

Tomorrow my mum and I are going shopping because I need some new jeans because my fat thighs are rubbing holes in these ones, as usual! And hopefully I will be picking up an adaptor for my netbook (as it’s american) and a cover for it so that when it is in my bag it will be safe.

I shall rave about my netbook in a later, more appropriate blog post!
Toodles for now!

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