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Emancipation Proclamation

I was recently recommended a story by a good friend, it’s fan fiction which obviously made me a little wary! Not only that, it’s Twilight fan fiction (I hate twilight) so I was even more wary! However I put my feelings on these things to one side and gave it a shot, and my god it is fantastic! It’s so well written and the story is incredible!
The story is set in the modern day and it is the story of a girl, Isabella, in America who is born into slavery and lives the first 16 years of her life in terrible conditions in the Swan household. However on her 16th birthday Carlisle Cullen arrives at the Swan household and buys her. The story follows her as she learns to live a different kind of life, and she falls in love with Edward, Carlisle’s son, a ruggedly handsome and totally gorgeous teenage boy! Again, I’m not a fan of the love story to be honest, I hate how it’s all so predictable, but due to the situation and the perfectly written characters it is a totally believable romance. The book will have you laughing and crying and feeling the character’s emotions.
I swear, I cannot rave about this story enough, it should be published because wow! I am really picky with books and this has just blown me away.
Get reading folks! You wont regret it!

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