Wedding planning and the “U” word

I lead such a boring life at the moment what with having no money. However I am occupying myself with wedding planning! I fail to understand why everyone says that it’s so stressful and you need to delegate, I am loving every moment of it, so much so that I am inventing things to organise, like our wedding website! I already know where I’m getting my dress from, what the bridesmaids dresses look like, who we’re inviting, where we’re having the ceremony and when the date is (unless the vicar changes it when we see him on 3rd December!) We are looking into reception venues and going to view them in December, when Stuart gets back from Mexico. I have chosen my 2 Maid’s of Honour and my other bridesmaids, although I have still to ask the bridesmaids as I haven’t seen them! Hopefully Stuart’s nan will be making the bridesmaid’s dresses, she does it proffesionally and is amazing by all accounts, so that will save us some cash, which will pay for my incredible dress! I have sorted the playlist for the after party as well, although it is currently a day long so it may need cutting! We’re having our friends play and sing at the ceremony so we won’t be having an organist, it’s going to be so beautiful, I’m so excited!

What I am not excited about is uni. In fact I am so stressed I now have a very poorly tummy, a constant headache and am losing my hair 🙁 I am definitely not dealing with the situation very well. I saw my counsellor again on Friday and am seeing her twice more before I start uni in the hope that she can at least keep my anxiety/panic attacks at bay at least until I get to uni. This all consuming fear is definitely not conducive to getting ready for uni!

Had my first panic attack in months yesterday on reciept of a letter from Uni…this is not looking good

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