sweet heart

“Sweet Heart” – Chelsea Cain

Firstly, you do have to have read “Heartsick” by Chelsea Cain first otherwise most of the book will make very little sense to you and you will not follow the relationships or the story properly.

Her writing is much improved since the first book, which was also good, but I did not want to put this one down. It was fabulous all the way through and the twists came when I least expected them. Chelsea Cain is fabulous at writing people, she gives them such depth and humanity that each of her characters is a pleasure to read. They are all complete with human flaws and problems and totally believable. The plot itself was totally unexpected and completely fabulous and I will definitely be buying her next book and will be recommending her books to anyone who will listen! She has taken the crown from Mr Koontz as my favorite author. Unfortunately I cant really say anything about the plot because it will ruin the whole book! But it doesn’t end how you think, and how you think it will end constantly changes!

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