Dog Agility Spanish Style

On Saturday, after looking into the local dog training facilities, we all headed to Playa Playazo beach, Nerja, for some dog agility training. One of the things I was worried about during this holiday was that TiLi and I would both forget a lot of our agility training and that TiLi would be really bored. I was thrilled to find a local trainer so we could keep our paw/hand in!

The sessions take place at a boatyard, there’s a cafe bar to have a drink at while you’re waiting for the session to start or between your turns. The trainer is Wendy of The Dog Academy, and she seems very nice and knowledgeable.

I was, as you would expect, terribly nervous on the way there. My anxiety didn’t play up as much as I expected it too though and I was able to have a quick chat to Wendy before we started and to take TiLi round the equipment and do the course. I shook the whole time and I sweated way too much to be normal too (TMI! Sorry!) but I did it, and I think TiLi really enjoyed herself, getting back in the saddle.

beach jump

beach dog walk

Something we’ve been struggling with back at our regular class is the weave. I mentioned this to Wendy who was really helpful and supportive and gave me some tips to improve our weaving progress. It made me realise how useful a fresh pair of eyes and a different technique can be when you’re struggling with something. I’m sure that, with our new tactic, TiLi and I will be weaving with ease soon!

Beach weave

I’m now looking forward to going back next week to give it another go. I’m so proud of myself and TiLi for going and doing our thing, we might not be entering competitions or anything but dog agility is a wonderful, fun, bonding activity for us and we love it. And thank you to Mummy TeePot for the photos!

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