Tiger Lily

One of THOSE people!

I’ve turned into one of those people. Y’know the type, the one who can’t talk about anything but their child, but in this case it’s a puppy!

TiLi is adorable and I took to her the moment she sat in my arms in the car as we went home. We bonded and now I’m having to wean myself off her so I can go out without her!

She is sleeping through the night now, well, until it gets light anyway! Although the house training is proving somewhat difficult! She’s mostly mastered peeing on the newspaper but hasn’t quite got the idea of what outside is for and tends to get distracted when she’s out there either playing with the cat or sniffing around and eating grass.

She’s a bundle of energy, chewing everything, toys, towels, fingers, anything she can get her teeth on! We’ve bought a bunch of chew things and she has plenty of toys to play with of various types, but, naturally, she’s more interested in anything that she shouldn’t be chewing.

She’s a joy to have though, throwing herself around the place, charging around the lawn, affectionate and so lovable.

Rupert still hasn’t really taken to her, she’s very full on, leaping on him and wanting to eat his food. He is grizzling and growling at her less though and learning to put up with her pestering him to a certain extent. In time I know he’ll come round, in fact he’ll come round as soon as she comes into heat…!

So here’s my little baby, look at those beautiful eyes! Bundle of trouble but I love her to pieces!

Tiger Lily

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